A Complete Guide About Leather Motorcycle Racing Suits

A Complete Guide About Leather Motorcycle Racing Suits

Are you a passionate motorbike rider? then this blog is for you. As you require not only require an easy-rider motorcycle but also need an authentic, comfortable, and most importantly completely protective racing outfit. In this concern, you should be aware of which motorcycle racing suits best for you and its all specifications. So, let's have a detailed look at all the important points and possible comparisons about various features of motorcycle racing suits one by one.

Cowhide VS Kangaroo Leather Racing Suits

Cowhide VS Kangaroo Leather Comparison

This is a common & vintage discussion about cowhide leather-based motorcycle racing suits and so kangaroo leather, these are two special types of leather that are used in many leather garments and accessories. All the products have their one-of-a-kind features & specifications. Cowhide and kangaroo leather are being used in manufacturing racing suits because of their features, trends, and of course, client demands.

Well, it’s a bit confusing to determine which leather motorcycle racing suit is best for you. There is a point of view that says the cowhide leather-based racing suit is better and also some perceptions exist that kangaroo leather is best. Each leather type has its distinct characteristics let’s have a look at both leather kangaroo and cowhide.

Cowhide Leather-Based Motorcycle Racing suit

Cowhide is the most common leather type that is being used in 1 piece motorcycle suits, biker leather gloves, leather vests, leather pants, biker leather luggage, and most likely that a rider wears to maintain his/her self-safe on the road song. One thing is because it's usually available in the market. It presents superb confidence of safety to the rider at the racing track. There is a textured & grained end in the cowhide leather which is very long-lasting. And similar to a couple of footwear, a cowhide leather-based motorcycle racing suit turns softer. It provides more comfort for usage through the years.

Cowhide is typically now not the most inexpensive leather available on the market. Cowhide leather is having exceptional value as we mentioned about the quality of protection and comfortability given to motorcycle riders.

Downside Cowhide Leather Motorbike Suit

There also are a few risks of cowhide leather as compared to kangaroo leather. The cowhide leather-based motorbike suit has a healthy thickness generally 1.3-14mm which is 20-30% heavier than a kangaroo leather motorbike suit, and also 35% greater than any other textile fabric suit. The cowhide leather additionally needs to be clean and conditioned to make it ensure sturdiness.

Kangaroo Leather-Based Motorcycle Racing Suit

Kangaroos are not the best cute & cuddly little animals or boxing warring parties as we all recognize about it but it additionally offers a very sturdy skin. Kangaroo leather is likewise known as k-leather and is likewise taken into consideration the first-rate leather within the sports marketplace. Essentially, Also, it's being used in high-priced motorcycle racing outfits. The very famous advantage of kangaroo leather is that it has a more potent safety best that offers a rider extra confidence on the race track. The kangaroos don’t have as much fat as different animals have like cow & sheep, to whom leather are used in the MotoGP gears or different sports activities. The kangaroo leather must not be shaved too much during the production process. Which offers benefits to remain intact & strengthens the integrity of the hide.

Because the Kangaroo appears lovable, cuddly, and smooth its pores and skin are also obviously soft, light-weight, and flexible. Kangaroo leather may be broken up also, just like cowhide, however, the issue is after the cut-up process the kangaroo leather retains greater energy as we compare it with cowhide. The kangaroo leather is thinner than cowhide or even lambskin. The thinner layer of skin offers a totally lightweight 2 piece motorbike suit. Kangaroo leather is considered superior, because it’s thinner and breaks in higher, and is softer than cowhide leather.

Disadvantages of Kangaroo Leather Motorbike Suit

The biggest awful element of the kangaroo leather motorbike suit is it is extremely high-priced. In comparison with cowhide leather, it's doubled as pricey. It is because kangaroo leather is the most durable, flexible, and strongest leather in the world. So that’s why it has a totally heavy pricing tag. Additionally, kangaroo leather desires more care & renovation than cowhide leather.


At the end of this topic, we can say doesn't matter which type of leather motorcycle racing suit you are going to shop for the element is it has to be in a good condition and needs to be able to make you safe from abrasion. Also, It has become a common perception that kangaroo leather is harder than cowhide.

Sure, kangaroo leather has better strength than cowhide leather and is also a better choice in case you can buy it easily. But there is no assurance towards damages & abrasion as you will by no means get any harm. It can be stated that case you wear a kangaroo leather motorbike suit you become a built-prove. However sure, carrying a kangaroo leather motorbike suit gives more self-belief, more fixability, much less weight, and more abrasion resistance, which reduces the threat of having serious damage on the race track.

Difference Between One Piece Leather Suit and Two Piece Leather Motorbike Racing Suits

One Piece VS Two Piece Leather Racing Suits Comparison

 In this section, I'm going to help the riders and racers in selecting the right motorcycle racing suit for their neighborhood road races and champion racing. Maturity does no longer come from education it comes from experiences. And a good revel in learns you lots from both superb and negative views. We every day see the number of losses in motorbike riders now not due to the fact they're technically un-experienced or they don’t recognize the way to experience, or they trip just for the fun or they trip too fast but due to a loss of proper protective functions.

I am no longer in opposition to bike riding however for folks that trip with craze and e book appointments of the “Angel of Death” and vanish from the world and left their loved ones alone. This is sad. But we all recognize each lived one has to flavor death however why do we flavor it un-every so often?

We are human beings having senses. I simply prefer to raise exact safety from the riding enthusiasts whilst on the road or race track. In this article, we have two safety measures through which a motorbike rider can defend from unexpected tough injuries, and with these measures, a rider can experience their racing with extra happiness and greater pleasure. When we discuss bike riding protection, we by no means forget the leather-based motorcycle racing suit, that’s the most favored protected material. Now let’s see from a one-piece or two-piece leather suit, which is preferable for them.

One Piece Leather Motorcycle Racing suit

one-piece leather suit for motorbike riders is the first-class choice when you want to ride or race thru traffic or street. It offers entire protection to the whole physique of the bike rider from unexpected flapping because of air resistance and gives robust sturdiness and versatility. It's far the proper choice for the riders in case of protection measures. Most motorcyclists opt for a one-piece leather suit healthy extra on summer season days than winter causes it's miles lighter inside the fabric. The alternative thing that differentiates a one-piece leather suit match from the two portions is its zipper connection which minimizes the chance of disasters on the street or the racing track. Alternatively, we have any other alternative and whilst we've got an alternative in something it method the primary issue has surely some cons and therefore we should make every other alternative.

One piece leather motorbike suit has some disadvantages such as:

  • Less comfortable in wearing
  • Less comfortable in removing
  • Difficult to find the perfect size
  • Too much narrow and tight to the body
  • Don’t have the cooling ability like a 2-piece suit
  • Less versatile
  • Having fewer pockets for storing necessary short equipment or items
  • Difficult to breathe

Two Piece Leather Motorcycle Racing Suit

There may be no question about leather; each motorcycle racing suit provides top-notch safety to the riders. However, it’s the choice for the rider which suits it more and feels extra secure. Ultimately, most brand new riders or motorcycle fanatics do not realize about the 2 piece leather racing suit. We can say that it's far an open suit with a separate jacket and pants with a zipper connection that makes it more flexible and comfy.

I say this surely because, within the beyond, two-piece leather motorcycle racing suits had been nearly the same as at least one-piece leather racing motorbike suits with no contact zippers. However, till the latest years, the coupling zipper became the pinnacle of the jacket, which did not permit passengers to put on the jacket easily as a standby option. This kind overcomes one of the important advantages of a motorbike suit with two pieces inside the authentic. Manufacturers have come to phrases with this and now offer two-piece suits that will let you use the jacket separately without showing off your midriff. I recognize this may sound peculiar, however optimistically, it was. The rider can easily wear and take away it each time.

Two-piece motorcycle gear is optimum while you journey at the racing tracks otherwise you cross racing within the streets. Some other suitable thing for a two-piece racing suit is that it offers ideal sizing which is difficult in the case of one-piece motorcycle gear. You can purchase a leather motorcycle jacket separately and likewise pants and wear the first-class ones in line with your body shape and fitting. Two-piece leather racing suits appear prettier and make them more stylish than a few of the racers. Furthermore, a two-piece motorcycle gear has more pockets for preserving items like wallets, keys, tissues, notes, mobiles, and so forth. As we know man-made aspect is never the best, there is constantly a few cons to their advent or we are able to say their innovation.

Now, let's have a look at the cons of the two-piece leather suit:

  • It is a little bit more costly than two-piece leather motorcycle racing suits but you have the option to buy it separately. For example, when you have the money you can buy a motorcycle leather jacket on which your heart fell and after some days, by adding budget you can buy pants at all. Unlike one-piece leather clothing, a two-piece leather motorcycle racing suit has a greater variety in choosing sizes and colors.
  • It is not too much perforated like one-piece motorbike gear
  • Not good for sports riders
  • Not good if you are a REGULAR rider
  • Less safe than one piece leather suit

Preference for One Piece Leather Suit over Two Piece Motorcycle Racing Suit

Every motorbike rider has his own perspective while selecting the proper racing suit for their riding. Right here we see the quick theory about 1 piece leather motorcycle racing suit and a two-piece leather suit with their pros and cons. Each racing suit offers super safety competencies. Numerous motives rider may additionally decide to pick out a one-piece leather suit over the opposite one. Of course, in case you’re an expert in motorcycle racing, summer season rides, track dates, and competitions; a one-piece leather suit might be the first-class option to select from. Such sports may also require that you donate in a leather suit that fits you perfectly and protect you from any chance within the event of an accident.

The suit-piece in the suit appears to be appropriate for racing gurus and people who want to make the riskiest sports using their bikes. You want to be very careful while trying to find a one-piece leather suit to fit your needs. They do now not engage with anybody even though the maximum is covered. It has to be able to fit you well and now not decrease or overwhelm you. Even as some may additionally view the strong nature of a single episode as an awful aspect, others see it as a benefit as it's far higher to be secure than cozy – they are saying. So if you fall below the above categories, it'd be high-quality to get a one-piece leather suit. This will assist you to attain your dreams and emerge as a higher rider.

I am hoping that this information goes to help you to differentiate effortlessly between a one-piece leather suit and a 2-piece motorcycle gear. It's miles very necessary TO undertake protective measures at the same time as doing anything.

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