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Deep Nut Brown Knee Length Barvarian Lederhosen

Deep Nut Brown Knee Length Barvarian Lederhosen

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Deep Nut Brown Knee Length Barvarian Lederhosen

Previously lederhosen was only worn when people used to get involved in any physical work that required effort and exertion. It was so because the leather dresses were actually more comfortable and long-lasting as compared to other fabrics. These days if you want to see people fancying such dresses in a mass amount, then its most prominent use can be seen in the Oktoberfests held around the world.

If you are searching for such traditional wear for the upcoming Oktoberfest, then we ensure that there won’t be any better pick than this top-quality lederhosen. This lederhosen for sale is specially stitched with the finest leather and encompasses classic motifs that give your dress a complete traditional look. Having adjustable straps makes it easy for the person to feel completely comfortable in the dress. More so, the dress comes with two embroidered pockets in the front and one knife pocket at the side.


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For Europian Countries
  • ︎MOQ: 10 Piece 
  • ︎3 different sizes
  • ︎Original Price: €860
  • Discount Price: €560 (for 10 Pieces)
For UK, USA, Australia, Canada & Worldwide
  • ︎MOQ: 10 Piece 
  • ︎3 different sizes
  • ︎Original Price: $750
  • Discount Price: $650 (for 10 Pieces)

Product Details

  • Material: Leather
  • Stitch: Polyester lining on the inside
  • Details: Handmade Embossed Embroidery
  • Fit: Comfortable fit (leather takes time to break)
  • Color: Brown

Sizing Guide

This Lederhosen for Men offers a modern fit style. You can choose your normal size or refer to our Size Chart given below: Lederhosen Mens Size Chart By Leather Jacket Gear


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